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MAD world.

by Justin

Sometimes I long for the era when Mutually Assured Destruction was a more pronounced policy, and one that inspired the kind of fear anchored in helplessness if things ever went awry. Because, really, if push came to shove what could anyone have done?

These days the conflicts are dirtier, the lines blurrier, and the politics muddier. Plus, concerns about The Bomb are limited to those volatile wildcards of North Korea and Iran. And NK’s particular brand of crazy or Iran’s particular brand of middle finger to the West are more infuriating than frightening. At least in the way that I imagine the depths of the Cold War to have been.

But the ol’ false alarm scenario got a little nod in yesterday’s article in the New York Time about another ridiculous stride in devastation, Prompt Global Strike. Read the rest of this entry »

Wintermute calling.

by Justin

Things just got that much cooler in the US Military, and that much closer to science fiction.

The New York Times today ran a story about the pending confirmation of the leader of the all new Cyber Command division of the military. Granted, this is likely an overdue initiative given how digital the entire planet has become –¬†but in the past year, perhaps owing to China’s sudden¬†prowess and recent accusations of its cyber misbehavior, everything escalated. Read the rest of this entry »