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Shameless lying.

by Justin

Oh man. A teacher in China, when asked about his willingness to ghostwrite for any academic in need of aid, justified the flagrant falsification thusly:

“There will always be a time when one needs help from others. Even our great leaders Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping needed help writing.”

I love that this guy regards his uncredited drafting of entire published works as just helping out. That’s some poorly compensated (roughly 45 bones per article) anonymity. He also drew a parallel to his work and that done for the two biggest dogs of the communist movement in China, which isn’t the humblest of choices. Read the rest of this entry »


Trade deficit?

by Justin

China reported its first trade deficit in six years, meaning that during March they actually spent more money on imports than their cheap labor and goods generate from exports. At first glance this led me to believe that their economic growth could be slowing or transforming somehow. But that doesn’t seem to be the case. Read the rest of this entry »


by Justin

China’s been big-dogging it today, embracing a rarely seen degree of diplomacy and collaboration.
The Financial Times ran a story about the success of Tim Geithner’s visit to China and a likely strengthening of the Yuan. The good news was qualified as being not good enough – the fiscal breakthrough won’t bolster the global economy, but China won’t be able to maintain its absurd domination of exports. Maybe. But it means Obama’s diplomacy and decision against implementing tariffs may have created a better playing field. Read the rest of this entry »