Dream of the Dragon

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Suspending disbelief.

by Justin

Biking beside Icarus affords me the rare opportunity of seeing a perfect design accelerate into motion.

When he jogs, Icarus looks much like other dogs – clumsier, maybe, but the mechanics are the same. His legs hit the ground in close sequence, but staggered and uneven. You can tell he’s waiting for the party to start.

But when I begin to push past 20 mph, pedaling into muscle pain, the dog transforms. He’s off the ground longer, he stops looking at me between strides, and the horse-hoof patter quickens.

Whippets are double-suspension runners. All four feet are off the ground twice per stride: first, curled up beneath the body; second, extended out in a Superman pose. They fly. From standing, it’s amazing and insane to watch an animal break into that kind of speed. But riding beside that pup is a whole other experience. It’s like seeing an elegant machine, each part working in fluid concert.

Tonight, as we crossed a field, Icarus spotted several deer at the tree-line and reminded me that his top speed is upwards of 30 mph. He cut in front of the bike and threw me off balance. When I squeezed the brakes the stop was so sudden that the back wheel lifted at least a foot off the ground. I slammed back down, the chain popped off, and Icarus caught his prey-drive breath.


Rain nothing to Hulk.

by Justin

Welcome to dreamland. It’s all about that aged sign in the bottom corner, Banner.

On an unrelated note (really, truly unrelated), my barber warned me about ever taking a boat out past the edge of Long Island to the area surrounding Plum Island. You know, in case I had plans to investigate nightmares.

New Century Moving

by Justin

Miss you, babe.