Dream of the Dragon

Month: January, 2012

Safety first.

by Justin

Last night three leaves approached me from three different directions, each gliding across the concrete on independent winds.

At least a dozen deer rose out of darkness at once, shocking the dog into unbridled madness as they vanished into the distant tree-line. Just above them, a decommissioned fission reactor’s tower blinked red.

The Department of Energy, contrary to what you may think, takes safety very, very seriously.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how the modern professional prepare’s for his first day on the job:

Nicole thought we should celebrate my birthday with haphazard fort-building and a slumber party. It was, despite the quality of sleep, absolutely the right call.

Rain nothing to Hulk.

by Justin

Welcome to dreamland. It’s all about that aged sign in the bottom corner, Banner.

On an unrelated note (really, truly unrelated), my barber warned me about ever taking a boat out past the edge of Long Island to the area surrounding Plum Island. You know, in case I had plans to investigate nightmares.

Deer crossing.

by Justin

The wind chill today pushed the temperature into single digits, making the earth outside hard as concrete and the streets more desolate than ever.

Whippets, by rights of centuries of breeding and manipulation, live to chase down small animals. Rabbits are the ideal quarry, but squirrels and anything of a similar size are nearly as mind breaking. My dog’s instincts fly into overdrive and the bits of his brain reserved for listening to me disintegrate whenever the opportunity to chase arises. Curiously, as Icarus is wary of anything larger than a cat, a particular animal much larger than most dogs causes a similar abandonment of reason. Deer, sighted even at a great distance, threaten to make the pup spiral into madness.

Three deer gathered this morning around a large puddle covered by a thick layer of ice. Two were chewing the dying grass, the third was sipping the dregs of unfrozen water. Only once we got within 20 feet did they do anything other than perk their ears and stare. At that point, white tails raised, the deer leapt into the woods and vanished. Deer crossing roads and grazing outside homes offers that dreamy and dangerous juxtaposition of the untamed and the too-tamed.