Dream of the Dragon

A Tree Killing a Whale

by Justin

A bit of Friday lightness. The British Kew Gardens joined with an organization called Velvet to launch an excellent children’s competition with the following prompt:

Imagine your dream tree! What does it look like? What grows on it? What kinds of insects, animals and birds live there? Let your imagination run wild and then draw a picture of this amazing tree.

Every entry is rewarded with a new tree planted and a special certificate honoring that contribution to ‘Trees for Cities.’ And then special prizes are available to the winners selected in the competition. The Guardian covered it in an online gallery showcasing a good range of artistic skill and childlike insanity. Read the rest of this entry »

Iran and the Bomb

by Justin

When the Goldman Sachs trial first claimed the headlines I wrote something about it being an opportunity for the Obama administration to bill itself as the hero to the GS villain. The parts of me that want the Democrats to do well in November would love for Obama to generate some sort of unassailable momentum. Financial reform, as it turns out, hasn’t offered the populist rallying cry some may have hoped – even with the SEC charges and criminal probe.

So at what should the administration aim its cannon? Read the rest of this entry »