Dream of the Dragon

Old-fashioned spacemen.

by Justin

When the Constellation program was launched, I’ll admit that I was completely behind George W. Bush’s plan to get us back onto the moon. I was excited exclusively because it sounded exciting and sort of idyllic, like a return to a more glorious age. Forget the deficit, let’s get back into outer space.

Now that program has been cancelled, the Ares rockets abandoned, and President Obama unveiled a vision that looks far beyond the moon. He said himself, conceding that it was a blunt statement, that we’ve already been there. And you know, I’m really not sure about the benefit of dedicating billions to revisiting the Sea of Tranquility.

Neil Armstrong (and two other Apollo shuttle commanders) wrote an open letter to the administration, condemning the new vision for NASA and challenging Obama’s judgment. Read the rest of this entry »

Salt in the wound.

by Justin

Last I heard, the formation of an independent army within the United States designed to challenge the authority of the government constituted treason. Armed insurrections and riots make sense in totalitarian countries. How else can the downtrodden find a voice? But in what is by and large a successful democracy, it doesn’t make any sense to bring a gun to the campaign trail. Unless, of course, you’re letting rage and pettiness dictate everything.

A couple days ago the Seattle Times unveiled this little gem, drawing attention to the fact that the existing Tea Party and hyper-conservative rhetoric will likely inspire militant resistance to the Obama administration. Read the rest of this entry »